13 June 2010

Okay, FINALLY. the Pulau Ubin trip is over and done with. The day that i was dreading to goooo. ITS OVER. ITS OVER. *stretches happily*

It was not as HOT and muddy as i thought it would be, and the day before, abang yun and me was praying it would rain, so the activities would be cancelled. HAHAHA.

and Pulau Ubin has A LOTTTTT of those tiny tiny mosquitos, which loves to swarm your face -__- AND ITS MTF IRRITATINGGGGGGGG. i hafta keep swiping my hand in front of my face most of the time i was there (mosquitos go to my face because im wearing tudung right -_- so, my face was the only skin exposed)

this is the place we had to put up at. It looks wacky and old, but the inside is actually quite cosy! but it’s also the reason WHY each of the students hafta pay $22 for the trip when the cost of the boat trips are $5.

this family (the one who owns the house above) wanted us to pay $200 for “rental”. when all we did was to put our bags in the house -___- we didnt even ask them to cook for us.




so the day was cut short, and we went home at 4pm, instead of 6pm like according to the schedule. *happy*

WAAAH, my camera phone not bad eh ^^V HEHEHEHE.

testing testingĀ 123 :/